Character Forms Have Been Changed

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Character Forms Have Been Changed

Post by Vladimira Tod on Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:18 pm

The Character Forms are being changed, some of the information it needs to be approved is being changed around:

Demi-god form:
Name:Alice Jakles
Age/DOB:16, October 30th
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Slim
Hair:Black with a natural white streak of white. She almost died and her father saved her, but her hair turned balck, except for one streak.
Eyes: Gray
Mortal Parent:Unknown
God Parent:Hades
Powers(~Must Have To Do With God Parent~):
She can Shadow Travel as 12 times a day, and if she goes over her limit she can pass out, she can go over her limit unless she does it four hours in between each trip.
She can know if someone is dying, she knows when someone in the world dies, she can tell if someone has been reborn.
Weapon:A locket that turns into a shield. The shield is Stygian Irony, but it has the tree of the Hesperides on it in Celestial Bronze, also on the back it has a quote engraved on the back: 'History Is Written By The Victor'
Flaws:Quiet, Holds on to a lot, Curious
Talents/Skills:Making boys fall for her, Singing, acting, lying
*Bio:She lived in and orphanage in Engalnd. She was ferae dby everyoen but one Demigod boy named Jay. She was inlove with him and so was he. Alice one muttered sometjing of the gods in her sleep. Jay confessed that he heard and they rushe dto Camp Half Blood. Jay died on the way, and Alice was very upset. She never gave up hope on seeing him again.
*RP:I screamed. "JAY!" I stabbed all the hunds sobbing. I leane dover him. He was dying, blood. I sobbed. "Alice..get to Camp...go..hurry..something is coming." he told me. "No! Im not leaving without you." I protested. "Alice I love you, for me..go..." he tried. I nodded sobing. He closed his eyes. He was gone. He died. He was goingt o Elymsium I hoped. I sobbed over him. It was raining.
*Loves Vamps
*Has an English Accent

What I have Changed:
*You put you character's date of both (DOB)
*Their Powers must have a limit:
-How many times a day can they do/use it?
-What are the effects of going over their limit?
-How long does it last? (Like if they can give someone their fears, how long does the illusion of their fear last?)
*Describe their weapon.

But, if you have already made a form and it has been approved already, it is fine, but from now on, follow these guide lines.
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