My charrie

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My charrie

Post by MLsweetart on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:43 pm

Name:Maeve Henderson
Age:12-May 1st
Body Type:Fit
Hair:Dark Brown
Mortal Parent:Charlotte Henderson
God Parent:Hades
Powers(~Must Have To Do With God Parent~):She can shadow travel the lengh of rhode island 10 times a day and after two uses of this it makes her pass out,She can summon ghosts or Skeletons 10 times 3 per each time it will make her pass out
Weapon:A sword that turns into a Black Sharpie the sword is a SI sword with a black hilt
Flaws:Adhd,She is often hyper,Weird,Tlakitive
Talents/Skills:Track,Softball,Volleyball,Singing,Tenor Saxaphone
*Bio:Maeve grew up in Midstate Illinois where she lived with her mom.Maeve discoverd she was a demigod at age 10.Her mom was worried of her safty becuase she was a demigod.So Maeve was home schooled.Oneay a satyr found her and toook her to camp.
*RP:I walk down the hall with the rooms.I see a room that says Maeve Henderson daughter of Hades on it.Smiling a bit I push the door open and walk in.I spin around a bit and start putting my stuff away.After Im done I walk out to explore.

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Re: My charrie

Post by Vladimira Tod on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:45 pm

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