Drew Torres

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Drew Torres

Post by Vladimira Tod on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:36 pm

Demi-god form:
Name:Drew Demetria Torres
Body Type:Slim
Mortal Parent:Demetry Torres
God Parent: Aphrodite
Powers(~Must Have To Do With God Parent~): Making boys fall head over heels for her even when they are in a relashionship
Weapon:Her powers
Flaws:Bearly Flirts, Reads alot, can't stand her powers
Talents/Skills:Telling the truth
*Bio:She lived in Lousiana. She was brought to Mount Olympus by her own mother, and wanst very fond of it because she left her home twon. She was very atletic and loves to be out doors, she doens't like makeup either. Drew loved her father, and it was very hard for her to leave, but she doesn't show it. She has lived on Olympus ever since she was six, but came back to her home after visiting her father for 10 years. Now she has came back.
*RP:I looked down the corridor. I wanted daddy!!! I ran around until Hermes caught me before I fled down to the elevator. "Drew, please." He told me. "Daddy!" I kicked and cried. Hermes sighed. "Drew, I wil let you go as long as you come back after 10 years." he said. I stopped crying. My mother appeared. "Mommy!" i YELLED TRYING TO GO TO HER. "Drew, you may go, as long as you come back." she reasurred. "I will guide you." I was set down. "Now, go pack your things Demetria." Hermes told me. I scurrie dup to my room.
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Re: Drew Torres

Post by Chewy on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:40 pm

This froum has been approved by mag!

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