Eve Larson's Room~ Daughter Of Gaea

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Eve Larson's Room~ Daughter Of Gaea

Post by Vladimira Tod on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:19 pm

I had been in here for years, locke din my room ever since Demigods had been allowed on Mount Olympus. But finally! They let me out! I opened the coffin, one made of wood and very conforatable, I have no idea why they gave me one, I guess for putting me under a apell to sleep, they wanted to me to get some rest. I sighed. I looked around. My room had all sorts of plants around the walls growing. I had wooden floors, and a samll window to catch a glimpse of the woods. I had a very small closet, holding anything I wished to wear. I had a large selection of books pilling up in a corner on my dresser. I resfused electricity, so I had candles for light. I looked at my collections of maps. I sighed. I left, still dressed in my Colonial Times dress, the one of blue silk and laced details, and ballet flats.
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