Kane Ryan

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Kane Ryan

Post by achillesnin on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:17 pm

Name:kane Ryan
body type:thin
hair:shoulder length blond hair
mortal parent:Jake ryan
god parent:Nike
weapon:sword and two daggers
flaws:insensitive sometimes,easily distracted by girls,and fears the dark
talent/skills:good fighter,fast runner, and good at hiding
bio:born in los angles CA USA.Kane had a almost normal life, got decent grades,got kick out of schools a few times and loves sport.His first monster attack happen at 13 when walking home from a friends house at night he lucky escape but the attack left a samll scar on his left cheek.After that he developed a fear of the dark. A satyr found him at 14 after he finish a race for his school track team.The satyr named James follow Kane for while but Kane notice he being tail so he hidden hemself few times until he was behind James and ask why he following him.James explained what he is and Kane is, Kane decision to follow James the CHB and later end up at Mount Olypmus.
RP example:I walk around a forest looking for monsters to practice on.Just when i was about to give up i heard something.I follow the noise and saw a hellhound.I smile like a child opening a birthday gift.I rush out jump on the hellhound's back it try to thrown me off but i stab it head with my sword and it turn to dust and i left for home

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Re: Kane Ryan

Post by Vladimira Tod on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:19 pm

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