Chris son of Demeter

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Chris son of Demeter

Post by Chewy on Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:55 pm

Name:chris smith
Body Type:skinny
Skin Color:white
God Parent:demeter
Mortal Parent:jake smith
Talents:makes some mean corn
Weapon**:celestial bronze dager
Flaws:hates snakes, cold, spiders, and heths
Powers(must relate to god parent):control plants
Bio*: was a normal farmers son till one night late in the flids a cyote jumped out of nowhere and atcked him. he run to his house and grabed his dads shotgun. he ran out the backdoor and went to the front and shot the cyote. when he cheaked to see if its was dead but it came back to life a monster. the cyote chased him one mile in to twon.
RP Example*: i ran in to twon i was tired as hades. i ran to the market where my dad worked. i ran to his stand and told him about the cyote. he took me to his truck he drove me to the airport and bought me a ticket to NY and gave me directons to camp. when the plane touched down i got on a taxi and went to camp
Any notes about your characters: country acent

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Re: Chris son of Demeter

Post by Vladimira Tod on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:06 pm


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