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~The News Board~

Post by Vladimira Tod on Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:10 pm

Hermes quickly put up the board. He looked at it pleased. He had it on golden, the names of the Gods with their significance. He also had the children on it.

Demi-Gods On Mount Olympus
Hunter~ Son Of Zeus
Grace Alexander~ Daughter Of Poseidon
Emma Roberts~ Daughter Of Demeter
Elijah Goldsworthy~ Daughter Of Thanatos
Alice Jakles~ Daughter Of Hades
Chris Smith~ Son Of Demeter
Dylan Sakelarios~ Son Of Zeus
Kane Ryan~ Son Of Nike
Drew Demetria Torres~ Daughter Of Aphrodite

Dillion Sleeper~ Son of Morpheus
Steven Leonard~ Son Of Erebus

*Demigods Who Have Left Mount Olympus for The Night Or Day, Please Check Yourselfs Out, Putting The Date. After You Have Returned, Please Check Yourselfs In Once Again.*

Check Out List:
Name:________________Daughter/Son Of:______________Date:____________Returned:___________
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Re: ~The News Board~

Post by Fly_boy on Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:03 pm

OOC:Before school
I walk in and sign out
Name:Dylan Sakelarios Daughter/Son Of:ZuesDate:9/27Returned:10/1
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