Dante's Room, Son of Thanatos

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Dante's Room, Son of Thanatos

Post by Omniblader313 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:29 am

I walked into my room slowly, unsure of what I would see. I lowered my hood slowly and open my mouth to say. "Damn!" I stared at the polished wood floors and wine colored walls. My ash wood bed frame and black sheets. I grined at the large array of gaming consoles then I sighed. I walked up to the night stand with my mom's picture on it. I placed my necklace of a skeleton clutching a key next to it and mumble an Italian prayer. I straightened up and looked at my single backpack. I traveled for one, so I packed lighter than air. I put my bag next to my bed and glanced at my crossbow. "...ah it couldn't hurt to shot out a couple of targets and crows" I left to find an archery range.
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