Dante Auditore De Firenze

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Dante Auditore De Firenze

Post by Omniblader313 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:10 am

Name:Dante Auditore De Firenze
Age: 17
Height: 5'9
Body Type: Athletic
Hair:Black, unkempt hair thats at neck level
Mortal Parent: Tessa Auditore De Firenze
God Parent:Thanatos

Powers(~Must Have To Do With God Parent~): Raises the dead (he can summon 10 before he passes out), summons ghosts ( he can summon up to 30 before they start to make him go mad), and shadow travel (He can do 40 of these in a row or one big portal before he starts to go temprarly blind)
Weapon:5 weapons total. One crossbow, made in an old fashion way. One Broad sword with skulls going up the flat of the blade, Two hidden blades that are Celestail Bronze, and a Athame dagger.
Flaws: Anti Social, Never listens to anyone expect a girl, loyal to his friends
Talents/Skills: Archery, Death Rituals, Fist fighting, and stealth missions
*Bio: Born in italy, and raised in a gentle loving home, at 12 years old Dante wanted a taste of adventure. He moved to Rome with his uncle and seeked treasures. Suddenly, his mother called him back to Italy at the age of 13 to tell him she was dying. on her death bed, she tiold him the story of his father, the godly one. He promised her, he would go to America to tell him of her death. His promised was short lived as he was driven into Camp for the next 4 years.
*RP: I ran towards the border, swearing rather loudly. It's not every day you try to flirt with an empousa and then she attempts to rip out your throat. As I ran she lunged at my back. I ducked and rolled to my left, knowing I had to reach cover. I stood up and flexed my fingers, my hidden blades appearing from under my sleeves. I lauched myself at her, as we dualed, I still attempted to flirt. So sue me she was hot, sometimes. I slit her throat then gave her a butterfly kiss on the cheek before she erupted into ash. I walked up the hill.
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Re: Dante Auditore De Firenze

Post by Chewy on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:18 am



Hunter son of zuse age 12
Jason michels son of Lethe age 16(chris reborn)
Eichi Sakurai son of ahprodite age 16(speaks japanees)
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death the kid (kid) son of thantose age 15
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