Grace Alexander

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Grace Alexander

Post by Aze Cluzt on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:41 pm

Name:Grace Alexander
Height:5ft 5in
Body Typ:slim
Mortal Parent:Nancy Alexander
God parent:Posiden
Powers(Must have to do with god parent):Can conturl water (20 small, 10 medium, and 5 large) take to horses(unlimted), can breath under water, water heals her, and makes her stronger
Flaws:loyatly, ADHA, dislxyia, gets in trouble a lot
Talents/skils:swiming, horse back riding, being funny
*RP:I run through the steert that lead up to the empire state building. "Hey stop her!!!!!!!" my princeable yelled behind me. You blow up one Gym and they want to kill you I thout to myself. I run harder. the Gym teacher, Mr.Pots, had turned out to be a monster. A hydra in fact. A police man yelled "hey freeze!" I rolled my eyes and run faster. I entered the Empire state building and go up to the gaurd. "Key please" I say to him. He smiles 'Getting in trouble again?" he asks "Yes and I need the key so..." he smiled and handed me the key. I run into the elavator and put the key in then hit the magical button.

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Re: Grace Alexander

Post by Chewy on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:45 pm


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