Jaden Daughter of Aphrodite

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Jaden Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by MLsweetart on Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:25 am

Name:Jaden Noelle Henderson
Body Type:Fit/Skinny and sorta model like
Hair:Long dirty blond hair that curls slightly(Like taylor swifts)
Eyes:She has crystal blue colored eyes
Mortal Parent:Samuel Henderson
God Parent:Aphrodite
Powers(~Must Have To Do With God Parent~):She can make people fall in love 5 times a day it lasts up a half hour(To resist the person has to be in love with someone else), She can charm speak unlimted but its better whens shes in sticky situations and the more and longer she does it the more it drains her.
Weapon:A CB sword that turns into a pink sharpie that writes, when in sword form its a light pink color and it glows.
Flaws:Falls in love to easy, A flirt, Not the brightest person.
Talents/Skills:Racing Dirt Bikes, Singing, Dancing, Track, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Softball
*Bio:Jaden was born in New York, New York. She lived with her dad Sam, Her mean step mom Laura and her 4 brothers Conor, Sebastian, Nigel and Matt. Jaden hated her life at home because her step mother hated her and made her life living hell. Jaden and her brothers all raced dirt bikes togather.
*RP:I look around and sigh bored out of my mind. I pick up my hand miror and look at my reflection. I smile pleased with how I look. I set the miror down on my table and stand up. I walk over to my closet. I take out my jeans and a Pink Abercrombie tee. I change into them and walk out to explore.
Notes:Her Birthday is September 24th.

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Re: Jaden Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by Vladimira Tod on Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:34 am



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